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Meerkat  "The Spacecadet"Black Necked Swan & MallardsCalifornia Sea lionCalifornia Sea lion in B&WSpeke's Gazelle or Gazella spekei   "This is What I Think of You!""Momma - - There be Something Wrong With My Nosie....."Grevy's Zebra "Just Out of It"Grevy's Zebra "Just Out of It"  B&WGrevy's Zebra "Just Out of It" IIGrevy's Zebra "Just Out of It" II   B&WGrevy's Zebra "Think We're Fooling Any Nearby Lions......"Grevy's Zebra "Think We're Fooling Any Nearby Lions......" B&WChimpanzee "The Old Man"Chimpanzee "The Old Man Talking With His Mouth Full of Food....."Chimpanzee "The Old Woman"Chimpanzee "In My Own World....."Chimpanzee "The Bitter Old Man"California Sea lion Version IICalifornia Sea lion Version II B&WChimpanzee "The Bitter Old Man" version 2