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"Little One" our resident female squirrelMale Brown Pelican in Breeding colorsGBH fishingGBH fishing 2GBH fishing 3Double-crested Cormorant juvenile playing with afternoon snack      or Phalacrocorax auritusSwimming AvocetThe Angriest HummingbirdOne of this year's squirrel pups after having been caught eating a nectarine....Male Black-necked Stilt looking for lunchSeagull fight over a rock (probably Western Seagulls)American Coot familyAmerican Coot familyA lost little American Coot chick calling for its familyAvocet chick looking for lunchAdult Avocet looking for a evening snackSkimmer skimmingGBH BathingPied-billed Grebe familyPied-billed Grebe family in Golden Light